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Aikido ideas and practices have long been used to enhance the functioning of business organizations. They have worked to show improved methods of dealing with conflict, adapting to change, and inspiring more open and constructive leadership. A number of aikidoka have served as consultants to business organizations. Some serve on the faculty of Business Schools teaching courses that employ aiki ideas and practice in their curricula.

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Sample publications:

Moon, Richard. 1997. Life in Three Easy Lessons: Aikido, Harmony, and the Business of Living. Nicasio, Cal.: Zanshin Press.

Strozzi-Heckler, Richard. 2003. Being Human At Work: Bringing a Somatic Intelligence to Your Professional Life. Cal.: North Atlantic Books.

Baum, David H. and Jim Hassinger. 2002. The Randori Principles: The Path of Effortless Leadership. Dearborn Trade.

O'Neil, John R. 1997. Leadership Aikido: 6 Business Practices to Turn Around Your Life. Random House, Inc.

Pino, Robert. 1998. Corporate Aikido: Unleash the Potential Within Your Company to Neutralize Competition and Seize Growth. McGraw-Hill.





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