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"Pushing for Peace" a weekend seminar July 4-6th, 2014, near Cambridge, UK, led by AE Board Member Quentin Cooke, 7th Dan, and featuring a cadre of wonderful instructors focused on the importance of weaving peace into our practice - particularly this year, which marks the 100th anniversary of the start of World War One. Presenters, costs, and registration available at the event website

Join us at the US AE Conference, October 25-27, 2013 at Sofia University, Palo Alto, CA (conference website, flyer)

International Aiki Peace Week
September 15-21, 2013
In the inaugural year, 340 dojos from 43 countries participated, for 2011 we added even more, and created a database and map of all participants. For 2012 weteamed with Peace One Day hoping to have even more of an impact. For 2013 - a whole new website:

Our EU Seminar: "Aikido – An Embodied Art of Peace," June 7-9, 2013 at Burg Rothenfels (a Bavarian castle dating to 1275) in Germany was a great success - (see the pictures)


Aiki Extensions Newsletter 34 (2011 Annual Report) is now available (read online, print version(larger file))

Aiki Extensions Newsletter 33 (Winter 2010) is now available (read online, print version(larger file))

Aiki Extensions Newsletter 32 (Summer 2010) is now available (read online or download print version (larger file))

International Aiki Peace Week
September 20-26, 2010
Aiki Extensions latest project - International Aiki Peace Week - was officially launched March 15 - 340 dojos from 43 countries participated - more details at

Jose Bueno Sensei's Aiki Biking for Peace Tour of Europe
August 24-September 26, 2010
Bueno Sensei started in Amsterdam and will finish in Munich, stopping at Aiki Peace Week dojos along the way - details on his blog (in Portuguese)

AE Vice President Aviv Goldsmith Aikido-for-Seniors program wins rave reviews
August 15, 2010
Aikido in Fredericksburg's Seniors Aikido program on Wednesday nights profiled here

2010 Aiki Kodomo Kenshukai - How to Teach Aikido to Children at Aikido in Virginia
June 19-20, 2010
Kids teachers from around the world will be gathering in Virginia to share "how-to" resources and best practices to make children's classes more dynamic and effective. If you'd like to present, or simply participate, contact program organizer, see details here, then contact Aviv Goldsmith Sensei

AE Board Member Brandon WilliamsCraig profiled in San Francisco Examiner online
March 27, 2010
Shortly before his dissertation defense commences, Board member and former Executive Director Brandon WilliamsCraig was profiled here. The coverage includes links to more information about WilliamCraig's work with mythology and peacemaking.

AE Vice President Aviv Goldsmith opens new dojo complex in Virginia
January 23, 2010
Aikido in Fredericksburg is having an open house between noon and 4 p.m. Saturday at its dojo at 6155 Hickory Ridge Road in Spotsylvania County. Read more about the award winning environmental design here.

TAB Cyprus Instructor Hans Goto promoted to 7th Dan
January 10, 2010
AE Supporter and TAB 2005 instructor Hans Goto Sensei was promoted to 7th Dan at the recent Kagami Biraki ceremony at Honbu Dojo in Tokyo on January 10. Omedeto! Details here.

Middle East Peace Ice Cream Social raises $6,500 $12,000
November 22, 2009
Jamie Ziimron and Robert Kent both spoke at a MIddle East Peace event supported by PeaceCamp Initiative patron Ben & Jerry's - so there was ice cream for everyone. Numerous useful contacts, and a good start on fundraising for the coming year. (Amended figure above includes donations which came in the following week from supporters too far away to attend).

Robert Kent takes the Aiki Extensions helm
November 15, 2009
With thanks to Bill Leight's service keeping the lights on for 9 months, Robert Kent, yondan from California, founder of and The PeaceCamp Initiative, and 18 year veteran of the youth program at Aikido West under Frank Doran shihan, took the reins of Aiki Extensions. Please read his introduction letter here.

Bill Leight - transitions to Peace Dojos International
November 15, 2009
Transition: Board Member Robert Kent takes the helm as President Bill Leight - who took over this spring for the retiring founder Professor Don Levine, steps down to focus on Peace Dojos International. Details here.

Kids 24-hour Gasshuku raises $750 for The PeaceCamp Initiative
October 24-25, 2009
AE Board member (now President) Robert Kent organized a 24-hour Aikido Kids Gasshuku event at Aikido West in Redwood City, CA. Headlined by Cyndy Hayashi Sensei, 6th dan, with instructors Mitch Johnson (Aikido of Monterey), Noel Amherd (East Bay Aikido), Alex Vanderburgh (Aikido West), and Manar Azriek (7-time Israeli Judo Champion). Theme for the weekend was "finding the peace within".

Join us on our Facebook Page
Fall 2009
Those of you who have succumbed to the paragon of connectivity that is Facebook - please become a fan of Aiki Extensions, and join the conversation. Instant notification of special events, access to links, videos, success stories, etc. All of it here

AE Board Member Jamie Zimron's DVD wins "Top Gear" award from
Fall 2009
Congratulations go out to AE Board Member and Director of the MidEast Aikido Peace Project Jamie Leno Zimron, who's new fitness program DVD - 18 Holes of Golf Bliss - has just won another award. The GearAwards™ program spotlights the best products, as determined by judges who are industry professionals. In their words: "With the 18 Hole of Golf Bliss, what really caught the attention of our judges was that Jamie didn't just explain the mechanics of a great golf game, but she took those same tips golfers hear again and again and she helped them understand why they worked," Hale said. "It was this new point of view about the game that had the judges so excited that they were encouraged to test their skills with Jamie's new approach."

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United States Tour Supporting Awassa Youth Campus & Peace Dojo
Fall 2008
Tesfaye Tekelu, John McKay, and Meshu Tamrat, co-founders of Awassa Youth Campus, are touring the United State to raise funds for and awareness of their excellent work with and for some of the most vulnerable children in Awassa, Ethiopia. Please donate to support the Awassa Peace Dojo through Aiki Extensions. Amazing performances and training have already happened in or are scheduled for the following locations (links may be clicked for more):Berkeley and San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and San Diego CA, Boston MA, Jamestown NY, Pittsburgh PA, and Chicago IL.

Quentin Cooke 10k gift awarded to Jose Bueno of Harmony In Action Brazil
October 5, 2008
During the presentations following the 2008 Aiki Kodomo Kenshukai, AE President, Don Levine, made a surprise appearance to congratulate Jose Bueno of Harmony In Action Brazil, and present a certificate marking delivery of $10,000 from Quentin Cooke of UK AE for Harmony In Action Brazil's service to the children in the slums of Sao Paolo.

2008 Aiki Kodomo Kenshukai at Aikido of Berkeley - How to Teach Aikido to Children
October 4-5, 2008
An experienced group of eleven Senseis, Aikidoists, and Educators from around the world gathered to provide "how-to" resources and share best practices to make children's classes more dynamic and effective. Created by AE Vice Prsident, Aviv Goldsmith, founder of AE member dojo Aikido in Fredericksburg, the event was the second of its kind and a big success, closing with AE members from the SF Bay Area arriving to reunite and witness dynamic and moving presentations from Jose Bueno of Harmony In Action Brazil, in service to the children in the slums of Sao Paolo, and Tesfaye Tekelu and Meshu Tamrat, of the Awassa (Ethiopia) Youth Campus and Peace Dojo. During the festivites, AE President, Don Levine

Bill Leicht presentations at Shobu Aikido dojos
September 26th - 28th, 2008
At Shobu Aikido of Vermont's Fall Keiko Bill Leicht presented Aiki Extensions programs with DVDs, a talk, and discussion, expanding on his mini-presentations given in July and August at Shobu Aikido of the Berkshires and at Shobu Aikido of Boston's Opening Keiko. Bill addressed the question, "How is AE realizing O' Sensei's vision for our 'Art of Peace'?"

June 25, 2008
Following the June 25 class of the Shobu Aikido of Berkshire Dojo Bill Leicht offered a presentation about AE work, including the current Peace Dojos initiative. The presentation will feature a screening of the DVD, “Training Across Borders."

Journey to the Center workshop with Tom Crum
September 8-12, 2008
Tom Crum is inviting people to participate in his final "Journey to the Center" program, September 8-12, 2008 in Lyons, CO. The purpose of the Journey to Center workshop is to find power and purpose using aiki principles. Please visit for more information. Tom Crum is President of Aiki Works and on the Aiki Extensions Advisory Council. Aiki Works may be contacted via PO Box 251 Victor, NY 14564 or by phone +1.585.924.7302 Fax: +1.585.924.2799

Training Across Borders - Zürich
June 12, 2008
Close to a dozen veterans of the historic Training Across Borders seminar in Cyprus assembled in Zürich as part of the "TAB-Z" Summer Camp, now in its third season under the direction of Sensei Kurt Bartholet. Original TAB participants also include Assi Moualem who teaches Salaam Shalom Aikido classes in Jerusalem, Tesfaye Tekelu who manages the Awassa Peace Dojo , and half a dozen aikidoka from four Arab countries..

Aikido based prep school getting started
The Crystal Farm initiative, first publicized at the 3rd International AE conference in 2001, has moved to an operational phase. This will be a college preparatory residential high school in Holyoke, MA, which uses aikido principles as the unifying theme of the school's liberal arts curriculum. Students will train aikido twice daily along with related practices. See

Robert Kent wins PeaceCamp funds
May 28, 2008
AE member Robert Kent was just awarded $10,000 as a winner of the Peace Pioneer Contest sponsored by Ben and Jerry's. His winning submission was based on an essay, I Believe in Summer Camp.  Rob will donate his award to The PeaceCamp Initiative, co-sponsored by Aiki Extensions, a program that brings Jewish and Palestinian youth leaders to one of the oldest and finest summer camps in America.  The award was featured at a press conference event in Times Square on Tuesday, May 27. For further info write

Phillip Emminger announces infrastructure challenge grant
April 2008
In order to root AE's support structure for the long term, recently emeritus Board Member, Phillip Emminger, has called for the appointment of a half-time Executive Director and offered $10,000 U.S. if it is matched by another $30,000 from additional sources. Much gratitude to Phillip and to those working to match his generous challenge.

Awassa Peace Dojo celebrates two breakthroughs
Jan. 31, 2008
The AE mission in Ethiopia marked two leaps forward in January. Visiting AE President Don Levine inaugurated a new dojo built by students from bamboo and other local materials. He also spoke with the Curriculum Director of Addis Ababa public schools, who wishes to introduce a requirement of aikido training for all high school seniors and asked AE to help provide intensive training for staff over the summer.

Peace Dojos International gets under way
Jan. 3, 2008
An AE task force has begun to explore next steps in organizing an international network consisting of martial arts dojos of any discipline that train explicitly for peace and involve a social outreach activity. Besides aikido, dojos teaching capoeira, karate, and taekwondo have joined the enterprise. The team consists of Bill Leicht, chair; Danny Hakim; Paul Linden;  Steve Thomas; and David Weinstock.  For more information, contact Bill Leicht.

Wendy Palmer Gift Challenge Met!
Dec. 10, 2007
In order to help Aiki Extensions keep on functioning during this time of diminished resources, Wendy Palmer offered a gift of $1,000 pending receipt of $10,000 in gifts from the AE Board and Advisory Council. Thanks to a generous last-minute gift of $1400 from a member of the Advisory Council, this challenge was met.  This has enabled AE to continue its activities without serious cutbacks. Checks are still welcome at Aiki Extensions, PO Box 397454, Chicago,IL 60637 or donate through this website.

Weinstock troupe completes rousing Aiki Corps stint
Dec. 17, 2007
David Weinstock's troupe of five has returned from a successful 6-week tour as Aiki Corps Volunteers at the Awassa Peace Dojo in Ethiopia. In addition to fine-tuning the aikido training at the Awassa Youth Campus, they delivered welcome inputs in the areas of tap dance, music, art, theater, and cooking.

A high point of the visit was a demo put on by David, Tesfaye, and friends, for a Ministry of Education team looking for a self-defense practice to introduce into the public high school curriculum. After considering karate, taekwondo, and aikido, they selected aikido as the practice of choice for this purpose. AE president Don Levine will spend three weeks in Ethiopia in January, and expects to follow up on this

Iraqi Aikido Organization in exile celebrates first year
Dec. 16, 2007
The Iraqi Aikido Organization, a group inspired by the Training Across Borders Seminar in Cyprus, and for whom AE provided mats at three dojos, fell into hard times due to the conflagrations in Baghdad not long after they formed. Several of their members are now in exile in Amman, others in Damascus. The IAO Amman dojo recently celebrated their first anniversary and held their first kyu tests. Of their achievement, they wrote: "It is our delight to see that we were able to participate in spreading the Aikiway in our environment and affect positively . . ."

UKAE Holds Benefit Seminar in Slough, England
Sept. 20, 2007
UK's newest and largest permanent aikido dojo hosted an AE benefit seminar in Slough, just west of London, on September 8. Host Sensei William Timms, who uses aikido in corporate work, provided venue, luncheon, and a class featuring clear body movement and strong technique. Senseis Frank Burlingham and Piers Cooke taught other sessions. Seminar organizer Quentin Cooke Sensei delivered a piece of AE philosophy: "Aikido is not just about two hours a day on the mat, but the other 22 hours a day as well." Returned Aiki Corps volunteer Mark Walsh (Awassa, Sao Paolo) shared photos and stories from AE's diverse projects that the funds from the seminar would benefit.

New Book by Tim Warneka to Benefit AE
Sept. 17, 2007
The Way of Leading People: Unlocking Your Integral Leadership Skills with the Tao Te Ching, a new book by Tim Warneka and brother Patrick, with foreword by Richard Strozzi-Heckler, interprets Lao Tzu's classic to address today's global realities. For a limited time, Tim will donate to Aiki Extensions 100% of the proceeds of this book when purchased through the publisher's website, at this link. See more on the book at this link.

Three August Benefits for Awassa Dojo
Aug. 6, 2007
Three cities will hold fund-raising events this month in support of the Awassa Peace Dojo and related activities supported by the Awassa Children's Project. San Francisco (Aug 18) and Los Angeles (Aug 21, at Forbidden City, Hollywood & Vine) will feature "MYethiOPIA", a one-man touring show, written and performed by David Schein. Contact Krishna LeFan. On Monday, Aug 13 Chicago will hold a spectacular benefit at the Triad Sushi Bar featuring John McKay, director of the Awassa Youth Campus which houses the Peace Dojo. John is fresh from an Ethiopian tour of the One Love HIV/AIDS Awareness Theater and its related aikido demo program.

Five Senseis Lead Benefit Seminar for Mideast Aikido Project
Aug. 1, 2007
Kayla Feder's Aikido of Berkeley dojo will host a seminar to benefit AE's Mideast Aikido Project on September 29, 2007. In addition to Feder sensei, other senseis will include AE members Robert Frager (Institute for Transpersonal Psychology), Linda Holiday (Aikido of Santa Cruz), and Jamie Zimron (Mideast Aikido Project); and Pietro Yuji Maida (Northern California Ki Society).

First Aiki Corps Tour Completed
Aug. 1, 2007
AE's fledgling Aiki Corps program, a way for volunteers to help train young people in hardship situations, began in autumn 2005 when Neil Mick, sandan at Aikido of Santa Cruz, started a program for middle-school students at the Seven Tepees center in San Francisco. Since then, Neil provided semiweekly classes and collaborated with AE Members Kayla Feder and Robert Kent in sending his group to a weekend gasshuku for teenagers in Berkeley. Neil's kickoff was followed by Aiki Corps placements in Awassa, Ethiopia, and Sao Paolo, Brazil. Completing his tour this summer, Neil is recruiting someone to follow and keep the Seven Tepees program moving.





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