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The Aiki Extensions newsletter keeps members connected by highlighting the work of individual AE members and providing updates on AE's ongoing projects and cluster activity. The newsletter contains updates on upcoming events as well as highlights from recent conferences, demonstrations, presentations, and seminars.

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AEN 33
by: AE Staff    Date: Winter 2010
International Aiki Peace Week wrap up, Program Updates, 8 recent and upcoming Seminars, Seeds of Aiki Peace in South America, Aikido and Business Culture, Book Review, Links (download print version (larger file))

AEN 32
by: AE Staff    Date: Summer 2010
International Aiki Peace Week - Program Updates, Seminars, Member Initiatives, Aiki Business Directory, The Myth of Peace, Kiai Golf, Kodomo Kenshukai, Links (download print version (larger file))

AEN 31
by: AE Staff    Date: Summer 2009
AE Worldwide - Middle East, Columbia, Awassa, Schweinfurt

AEN 30
by: AE Staff    Date: Spring 2008
Tesfaye's Shodan and AE Team Structure

AEN 29
by: Scott Mattoon, Marguerite Del Giudice, Brandon WilliamsCraig     Date: Fall 2008
Toward a Second Decade

AEN 28
by: AE Staff    Date: Autumn 2007
Staying Connected

AEN 27 - Paul Linden Special Edition
by:Tim Warneka, Editor   Date:Autumn 2006
Special Edition of the Aiki Extensions Newsletter discussing the work of Paul Linden

AEN 26
by:AE Staff   Date:Oct. 06
Far-flung AE Members Talk About Their Work

AEN 25
by:AE Staff   Date:May. 06
Extending to Youth, Modes of Aiki Therapy, TAB One Year Later

by:AE Staff   Date:Sept. 05
Zurich Aikido Camp, AEC6, SSD-Shuafat Opening, and Launch of Aiki Corps

AE News 23
by:AE Staff   Date:Mar. 05
Special issue on the Training Across Borders Seminar

 AE News 22
by:AE Staff   Date:Oct. 04
Police Training, Middle East Tour, Keiko with Disabled Adults, Moving and Being Moved, Combat Driving in Iraq. Plus:Brazil Update, Membership Survey, International Aiki Corps?

AE News 21
by:AE Staff   Date:Feb. 04
Brazilian Slum (favela) Youth Outreach Project, Arab-Jewish Aikido Friendship, Project Omnicenter, Bronx Peace Dojo Update.

AE News 20
by:AE Staff   Date:Sep. 04
Special Issue: The Many Dimensions of Aiki Extensions 5th International AE Conference, Univ. of Augsburg, Germany.

AE News 19
by:AE Staff   Date:May. 04
Keiko in Classrooms, New Member Profiles.Pubs: Strozzi-Heckler.

AE News 18
by:AE Staff   Date:Jan. 04
Special Issue: Extending Into The Community 4th International AE Conference, Univ. of Chicago, IL.

AE News 17
by:AE Staff   Date:Sep. 04
Law Enforcement Aikido, AEC4 Program.

AE News 16
by:AE Staff   Date:Jul. 04
Aiki for Human Resources, Transpersonal Aikido, Time out for Peace, Youth Outreach Project Update.

AE News 15
by:AE Staff   Date:Feb. 04
International Affiliates, Police Officer Turns Peacemaker, Chicago Youth Outreach Project, Marine Warrior Training Update

AE News 14
by:AE Staff   Date:Dec. 04
AE Responds to 9-11 Terror Attacks, AE in Chicago Public Schools, Canadian Youth Outreach. Pubs: Palmer, Schettgen.

AE News 13
by:AE Staff   Date:Oct. 04
Aiki in Instruction of Blind People, Richard Stickles' Aikivision, Peace in Action.

AE News 12
by:AE Staff   Date:May. 04
Special Issue: New Directions Along the Aiki Way 3rd International AE Conference, Mill Valley, CA.

AE News 11
by:AE Staff   Date:Feb. 04
Crystal Farms School, Aikido & Psychotherapy, Business Mediation, Police and Aikido Awareness, AEC3 Program.

AE News 10
by:AE Staff   Date:Oct. 00
Aikido & Performing Arts, Peace Building in Bosnia, Leadership Training. Pubs: Schettgen, Wagner.

AE News 9
by:AE Staff   Date:Jul. 00
Special Issue: Richard Strozzi-Heckler's Marine Warrior Project.

AE News 8
by:AE Staff   Date:Jun. 00
Special Issue: Extending Aikido Off the Mat 2nd International Aiki Extensions Conference, Columbus, OH.

AE News 7
by:AE Staff   Date:Apr. 00
P. Linden Augsburg Workshops, Aikido & Compassion Seminar, Stanford Univ. Integral Transformative Practice Research Project.

AE News 6
by:AE Staff   Date:Dec. 99
Aikido & Rehab, Aiki Mediation & Nonviolence workshops at SCMA, SPIDR Confs. Pubs: Leonard, Palmer, Warner.

AE News 5
by:AE Staff   Date:Sept. 99
Quantum Edge, Aiki Anger Mgmt. Workbook, Aikido in Hospice and Mental Health Work, Human Spirit Festival with Abe Sensei.

AE News 4
by:AE Staff   Date:Jun. 99
Special Issue: 1st Aiki Extensions Conference, Phoenix, AZ.

AE News 3
by:AE Staff   Date:Apr. 99
Aikido in Univ. Augsburg MBA Curriculum, Chicago Ki Society Program, Emerald Chariot Foundation/ACE Dojo Workshop. Pubs: LaCerva.

AE News 2
by:AE Staff   Date:Jan. 99
School Conflict Resolution Programs.Pubs: (Books) Lee, Pino, Schettgen, Warner. (Articles): Linden.

AE News 1
by:AE Staff   Date:Oct. 98
AE Affiliate bibliography, Aikido Based Programs for Youth with Special Needs, Verbal Aikido.





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