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Training Across BordersAikido practice has proven its ability to foster communication between groups beset by chronic tensions. Aiki Extensions sponsored training opportunities for Greek and Turkish Cypriots in 2005. Croatian, Muslim, and Serbian practitioners trained together throughout the Sarajevo meltdown in the same venue, where Arabs from three countries and dozens of Israeli Jews trained as well. Aikido training for Bosnian leaders outside the country led to peace-building projects every year since 2004.


TAB - Cyprus, April 2005

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Aiki Extensions held a seminar in April, 2005 in Nicosia for aikidoists from several countries in the Eastern Mediterranean - Cyprus, Bosnia, Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Palestine, Israel, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. Internationally acclaimed instructors offered training sessions and workshops on aiki methods in work with youth, conflict management, and leadership training. Enthusiastic TAB participants have organized an ongoing network of communications, including:

We look forward to being able to post the inspiring video online - but tensions continue to exist in the home countries of several participants so severe that they reasonably fear reprisal if it became known that they had actually participated in an event dedicated to the possibility of peace. Until we can offer the video online, we are happy to send DVD's for the nominal fee of $10 to cover our shipping and handling costs. To receive the TAB video, please make an online donation of $10 US (mentioning "TAB Video") using the link below, and then send us an email with your full postal mailing address to For many users, this link will set that email up for you: Request a Video.

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